Spinning Things — Moving Things
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Felix Ysenbaert aka YSBEAR is a multi-disciplined artist
who gets goosebumbs when it comes to animation, illustration, video and projectionmapping.
He creates his own world driven by good music, humour, geometrical forms, the surreal and the absurd.

Drawing is the motor but the comeout is undefined.
If it's ilustration, graphic design, stagedesign, a videoclip, 3d or 2d animation,
experimental animation, live visuals, projectionmapping:
Let's make it work and drink some coffee first.

Clients from the present and the past:
Meskerem Mees, STAKE, Stubru, Mooneye, Woestijnvis - De Ideale Wereld,
Ramkot, Whorses, Marble Sounds, Flip Kowlier.



Stijn Steuvelslaan 21,
8580 Avelgem
BTW: BE0755923770
IBAN: BE89063695960685